3 Truths About Men’s vs. Women’s Grooming

When it comes to men and women’s bath and post-bath essentials, it’s always a wonder what makes them so different.

When it comes to men and women’s bath and post-bath essentials, it’s always a wonder what makes them so different. Is it just the color and scent? Why are there less products available for men than women anyway? And is it true that ingredients in these products could be putting their health at risk?

Men and women’s bodily differences affect their hygiene needs, too. Now, let’s debunk some myths about men vs. women’s grooming habits. Checkout these truths and tips that help decide which essentials to look for (and stay away from!)

Truth No. 1 Men sweat more than women but that doesn’t mean they stink more!

In case you missed it: Sweat itself doesn’t stink at all! It’s practically odorless and unwanted smells are brought about when bacteria comes in contact with it.1

Tip: Don’t sweat the sweat with these 3 routes to risk-free freshness!

Step 1 Lather up daily and don’t forget to gently scrub areas more prone to bacteria and sweating. Alternate a non-drying natural body wash with a deep-cleansing natural bath soap to keep skin soft, nourished and free from impurities.

Step 2 Keep underarms under control with a natural deodorant that knocks out odor while keeping skin free from alum salts that have been linked to serious health risks.2

Human Nature Protect +PLUS Deodorant for Men, P159.75

Step 3 Kick away bacteria and odor-causing germs with a natural deodorizing foot spray specially made to combat unwanted stink, re-energize the feet and help soothe the skin.

Men and women both tend to use synthetically fragranced antiperspirants to help control sweat and odor. However, many synthetic antiperspirants contain parabens, phthalates and other harmful chemicals that have been linked to serious health risks. It’s important to know the difference between deodorants and antiperspirants before deciding on what to buy.

Target the armpit bacteria that create odors but don’t keep you from sweatingContain ingredients—usually an aluminum compound—that can prevent sweat glands from releasing sweat  

Truth No. 2 Men’s oil glands are more active than women’s and it’s linked to hair loss.

How? When there’s overproduction of oils in the scalp, it may lead to dandruff4 and dandruff  is linked to hair loss5, especially in people already dealing with some level of hair loss or thinning.

Some experts think that dandruff could be interfering with their hair’s normal shedding cycle6 so it’s best to manage dandruff to help prevent further hair issues.

Read more about keeping your scalp flake-free and itch-free here.

Tip: Keep Your Head in the Game!

We’ve rounded up a couple of hair care heroes that are including anti-dandruff, anti-flaking, anti-synthetic chemicals and anti-pollution:

  1. The Double Duty Cleanser (2-in-1 Active Body Wash & Shampoo) that cleans not just hair and scalp but the skin, too.
  2. The Scalp Buildup Buster(Anti-Dandruff Shampoo for Men) that helps fight flakes and ditch dandruff.
  3. The Plastic-free Newbie (Shampoo Bar for Men) specially packed to fight gunk off hair and plastic off seas.

All 3 are packed with coco-derived cleansing agents that naturally remove dirt and grime off  hair too.

Truth No. 3 Shaving doesn’t make the hair grow thicker, faster and darker.

And we’re not just talking about men’s facial hair here. This also goes to the ladies who love flawlessly hair-free skin.

Did you know? Hair only seems to grow much thicker or darker because razor blades cut them at the skin surface. Hair growth, thickness and color are determined by hormones and genetics.
Shaving with just soap and water heightens the chance of drying out the skin that could lead to irritation. We’re not just talking about leg and armpit hair here! Just so you know, guys’ facial hair (and the skin beneath it!) needs equal care, too.
Tip: Glide on Goodness!

When choosing shaving creams for a smooth, safe shave, opt for those with natural glycerin that helps preserve skin moisture, and aloe extract that helps soothe cuts and moisturizes the skin. Choose a  natural shaving cream that promotes a guiltless glide, free from toxins harmful to the skin and our seas.

Source: Human Nature on Instagram

Looking for more ways to up your grooming game? Make your man try these 2 steps for a quick & easy fix!

Step 1 Take out the excess shine without drying the skin, of course! Our plastic microbead-free Oil-fighting Face Wash for Men deeply rids skin of oil and dirt while being kinder to the planet, too!

Step 2 Lock in a dapper ‘do boasting with texture and definition minus the bad stuff. Our easy-rinse Natural Hair Shaper gives extra body, volume and tease without the grease!

Discover more truths like these by making the switch today! Go natural with easy-to-use daily essentials that bring long-term health benefits worthy of your time, money and peace of mind.

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