How to Save Electricity in 4 Ways

With the current pandemic and rising cost of living in cities, many are looking into new ways on how to save money and resources.

With the current pandemic and rising cost of living in cities, many are looking into new ways on how to save money and resources.

Some opt to cut back on their wants while also decreasing unnecessary expenditures in the household. Others give extra effort on saving resources that are mostly used and think of ways on how to save consumption.

One of the easy ways to shed expenses is by saving electricity. Now more than ever, people consume electricity more at home due to lockdowns and travel restrictions. This means more electrical appliances being used simultaneously by many household members, resulting in a spike in monthly bill consumption.

If you are looking into ways on how to save electricity, here are four simple tips you can follow.

Switch Off Unused Lights

Go the usual, common way of saving electricity—simply switch off the lights. According to the Department of Energy (DOE), when you turn off a light for six hours a day, you can save up to P25 every month. Do not to use lights during daytime and prefer sleeping at night with lights turned off.

Welcome Natural Light into Your Home

Let the sunlight illuminate your home in the daytime. Open windows or use blinds to welcome natural light instead of using blackout curtains that blocks the sun’s rays. Situate your chairs, tables, and reading corners near windows and save electric light usage.

Unplug Appliances on Power Standby

Another way on how to save electricity is by unplugging unused electric appliances. Plugged electronic devices and appliances still consume power even when they are not in use. 

Always be mindful of appliances that are being used and use only the necessary ones. Pull out those cellphone and laptop chargers from sockets after using and do not overcharge them. Make sure to always unplug appliances when going out too, especially air-conditioner.

Install Solar Panels

If you want to go the extra mile in saving electricity in your household, you can opt to make use of solar panels installed right on your roof. Many households already use solar panels which gives them a huge drop in their electric bill.

Solar panels provide solar energy that is clean and free. Through these panels, sunlight is converted into renewable energy which can power up not only a household but even a community. Solar panels are also best installed in off-grid communities where there is a lack of electricity.

With solar energy, you can save a lot of power consumption while leaving no carbon footprint in the environment. Renewable energy helps in saving the environment from the emission of greenhouse gases which contributes to global climate change.

If you want to start saving electricity with solar panels, SUNSMART is the right partner for you.

SUNSMART is a solar power technology company that leads in providing solutions for easy and accessible clean energy. It maintains an array of products—from lightweight and portable generators supported by solar panels up to rapid and resilient solar power systems that can benefit a whole community.

Dubbed as Asia’s Leading Renewable Green Leader by Gineers Now, SUNSMART has combined smart solutions for small scale to big scale needs and has delivered responsive after-sales and maintenance services.

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