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5 Hand and Body Hygiene Products for the Family

Grab these hand and body products to protect you and your whole family.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made everyone trying to protect their family’s health and get rid of viruses and germs sitting in common surfaces.

According to the World Health Organization, 80 percent of virus transmission is made through the hands. It is recommended to practice good hygiene to prevent the transmission of viruses such as COVID-19.

One has to trust a brand that can kill germs almost to a hundred percent and can offer an array of quality products and variations that are suitable for everyday use.

Hygienix, a trusted brand in killing 99.9% germs, has a range of hand and body hygiene products to choose from.

From hand sanitizers, soaps, and body washes, Hygienix promotes proper hygiene for every member of the family.

Here are five basic hand and body hygiene products to add to your shopping cart to keep you and your family protected and safe.

hand and body products

Hand Soap

One of the best ways to clean hands is by frequent handwashing. Using soap and water to clean the hands prevents the spread of virus that can cause respiratory and diarrheal infections which are commonly found in surfaces such as sink, tables and doorknobs.

Liquid Hand Soap

Another option is a liquid hand soap. Liquid hand wash should have an equal germ-free action as with hand soaps. This may be used in common wash areas in the house for easier and more convenient way of hand washing.

Hygienix’s hand wash liquids have several variants. These are Sea Salt Smash, Lemongrass Wham, and Apple Kapow.

Hand Sanitizers

If there is no hand soap around, carrying a handy bottle of hand sanitizer with you can also be an option. Make sure that these are alcohol-based that can kill 99.9 percent of the germs in your hands. Hygienix offers gel sanitizers and spray-bottles for convenient use.

Body Wash

Cleanliness starts on your own body. Go for body washes that not only give you that fresh feeling but also the cleanliness you need to keep you protected the whole day.

Hygienix’s Body Wash is free from the top ten unwanted chemicals. It is non-drying and safe for the skin. It comes with several variants including Super Sakura, Mega Menthol, and Citrus Blast.

hand and body products

Cleaning Wipes

When outside, it is inevitable to get our hands and things dirty. It is smart to have cleaning pull-up wipes with you. With these wipes, you can instantly clean tables and chairs you use in public places, giving you that extra safety.

Hygienix’s Wipes has a 99.9% Germ Kill action enhanced by the anti-bacterial benefits of Tea Tree oil.

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