8 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Self-Care

Treat your moms this Mother’s Day with these self-care gift ideas they’ll surely love!

Don’t let the Mother’s Day Celebration countdown pressure you in choosing a special gift for the woman who has given you almost everything- be it your mom or your mother figures in life, and as much as you want to show how much you appreciate all of the things they did, it can still be a struggle for you to find the perfect gift that will suit them.

But why don’t you start by encouraging her to take advantage of this self-isolation period to pamper themselves? Maybe this is a sign for you to help your mom in acquiring some self-care essentials that can offer her some comfort that she deserves during this distressing time?

If you are worried about moms having different tastes from one another, don’t fret because this gift guide already narrowed down the list and curated the ideal self-care gift selections for you to choose from. So, here are some of the best featured self-care essentials that will be perfect for all types of moms out there as a Mother’s Day gift in their special day.

Scented Candles

Nothing is more relaxing than the aroma of a few scented candles burning, so help your mom cope and relax after a tiring day through candles that will soothe her senses. A study researcher from a lifestyle website, The Flower Pot, found that scented candles is crucial in uplifting your physiological senses as it can boost your mood, they also clearly revealed that the warm glow from the candle flame can help improve a person’s working capacity and sleep hygiene. So now, who said that the perfect gift doesn’t exist?

Indoor plants

A little gift for your mom who loves to give some life to your home- indoor plants! Not only does an indoor plant can satisfy your mom’s decorative side because it looks good, but this can also make her feel good as it is said to reduce stress, can minimize air pollutants, and it can also survive indoor humidity. If so, then this is the perfect stress-free gift for her!

Bath bombs

Calming bath bombs have healing properties that will make your mom’s bath experience more relaxing, this will also keep her skin smooth and silky that is perfect to be one of her self-care regiments. Well, who doesn’t love a good bath soaked in skin essentials while washing all of her woes away to de-stress? Now you better hurry and treat your mom some!

Air Humidifiers

Moms love a warm home with good and cozy feels, what if you can easily help her with that because you can never go wrong with an air humidifier. Aside from warming up your home and making it smell good, this ideal gift can also act as a moisturizer during a cold weather that can step-up your mom’s unwind time not only curing Mother’s Day. She can also add her favorite essential oils of her liking and she’ll be totally hooked.

Weighted Blanket

This is the amazing choice for your cuddly mom to have a good night sleep with added benefits that can reduce her anxiety and stress after a long day, this is also considered as a therapeutic tool as it can reduce one’s sleep problems, anxiety and can ease our sensory moods. Weighted blankets have this velvety texture and feels like its cuddling you, so this gift will also make your mom feel all-around better even in sleeping and will obviously give them a peace of mind and relaxation while snuggling.


Tea is said to be a gift that signifies mindfulness and a personal tribute to someone special which makes it a perfect gift for your mom this Mother’s Day, and did you know that aside from that, numerous studies proved that teas can help boost someone’s immune system and can have a lasting impact on wellness? So, let her enjoy a hot cup of peace and happiness that can also make her healthy, because there is no such thing as “too much tea.”

Self-care or Self-help Books

If your mom is always on the go and sometimes overwhelmed, this is the perfect time for you to give her some good and quick self-care/help reads to ease her mind through reading, this is also the type of present that can be read every time and anytime to lift her mood and loosen her up after a tough day with some helpful advice and guides through motherhood found inside these types of books.

Fluffy Slippers

A comfortable slipper is a luxury for self-care, and this suits every single types of mom because this can be such a fun and fluffy gift for them especially during quarantine, where they are likely spending most of their time at home. Grab the chance to give your mom some pair of fluffy slippers for her to protect and make her feet comfortable and while upgrading her stay-at-home experience this Mother’s Day.

At the end, Mother’s Day celebration is not always about the gifts you give to your moms, but it’s about the love and appreciation that you make them feel. Still, if you want something to remind them of you, then we hope that this gift selections gave you an idea on what to get for them. Remember, your main goal here is to make your mom feel exceptionally special on what she does best- being a mom.

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