Taiwan tourism ambassador

Taiwan tourism ambassador Gabbi Garcia at Tien Lai Resort & Spa, Taiwan

Gabbi Garcia launched as Taiwan tourism ambassador

Celebrity and frequent travele Gabbi Garcia has been recently launched as the Taiwan tourism ambassador to the Philippines.

With more and more Filipino tourists visiting its neighbor country Taiwan, getting a Filipina actress and frequent traveler Gabbi Garcia as their Taiwan tourism ambassador is just the right thing to do.

Just recently, the Taiwan Tourism Bureau launched Gabbi Garcia as its Tawain tourism ambassador for the Philippines as she leads in the “Ang iyong perfect getaway! Panahon sa Taiwan!” promotional video.

Taiwan tourism ambassador
Taiwan tourism ambassador Gabbi Garcia in cheongsam

The promotional video features the slogan “Ang iyong perfect getaway!” (Your perfect getaway!) as it reveals the many attraction of Taiwan Filipinos love to visit.

Taiwan’s best attractions

Taiwan tourism ambassador Gabbi Garcia’s “Panahon sa Taiwan” tour, the famous Tapei 101 was shown alongside food and shopping trips, immersion to wonderful Taiwanese culture and their practices to unwind and relax.

In addition, Gabbi also showed us how to enjoy Taiwan’s hot springs. She was also seen wearing a cheongsam, a traditional outfit, beautifully blended with the old-town atmosphere and spectacular scenery in Jiufen.

Gabbi Garcia as Taiwan tourism ambassador

Being one of the most influential young celebrities in social media, Taiwan Tourism Bureau Kuala Lumpur Office Director, Mr. Abe Chou said that Gabbi Garcia is an ideal example for Filipinos.

“Gabbi Garcia has millions of followers on social media and is an ideal example for Filipinos. Together, we will work to promote Taiwan tourism and strengthen the friendly relationship between our country and the Philippines.”

Currently, Gabbi has over five million followers on Instagram and 4.5 million followers on Instagram. She has also maintained a healthy image in the entertainment industry which led her to bag projects and endorsements.

Gabbi said, “Taiwan not only boasts of delicious food and beautiful sceneries, the enthusiasm of the Taiwanese people is such a joy to experience as well.”

She also added that Taiwan is just two hours away from the Philippines which can be perfect for family trips.

“And because I have fallen in love with Taiwan, I can’t wait to take my entire family with me the next time I travel there!”

Filipino tourist arrivals in Taiwan

The Philippines has become a key source market for Taiwan’s new southbound tourists in recent years. In 2019 alone, the number of tourists coming from the Philippines to Taiwan increased by 20% and has exceeded 450,000 visitors.

According to the Tourism Bureau’s visitor trends survey, a significant percentage of those arrival figures are 20-39 years old. The short travel, as well as visa-free access to Taiwan, has helped the rise of the young ethnic market, driving more Filipinos to Taiwan.

At the same time, the latest Philippine Taiwan tourism promotional video, “Ang iyong perfect getaway! Panahon sa Taiwan!” featuring Gabbi Garcia will also be revealed.

For updates and the latest promotions, follow Taiwan Tourism Bureau Philippines on Facebook facebook.com/TTBPh/ and visit their official website at http://taiwan.net.tw

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